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The being balanced method


strong girl with balanced shoulders and muscles
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• Build Strength Balance
• Minimize / Prevent Injury
• Enhance Posture
• Increase Joint Range

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Rachel P. holding marathon trophy after being coached by Coach Bev

“Coach Bev knows the human body better than any doctor! With her help, I’ll be back to running in no time!”



our method of training is strength balance. our mission is to prevent injury by teaching movement to increase range-of-motion, minimize postural differences, and eliminate muscle imbalances.

The being balanced method

Our aim is to develop strength, flexibility, and balance while reducing the risk of injury. By creating balance, we can minimize and often eliminate your weaknesses. When the human body is balanced, its major, load-bearing joints stack vertically and align horizontally. We provide a Being Balanced Method Assessment and specific guidelines to determine muscular differences. Being Balanced is a holistic health and wellness training method, based upon teaching body balance, proper posture, and correct form. We emphasize overall body strength and well-being. Correct form can dramatically change your body and your mind. By building strength balance, you can minimize or prevent injury. The longer you spend in bad form, the more difficult it is to remodel and to correct joint misalignments, and the more likely you are to injure yourself.


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Stand Tall

A simple guide

Chapter 6 - Recovery 101 - How to Put it All Together

These imbalances are easy to fix. Balanced posture is empowering and has a transformative effect on your body and your confidence. It isn't hard to do. Balance awareness and small mindful changes will make a huge and immediate difference.

I’m so thankful that I get to train with Coach Bev!  Her positivity is contagious! She’s taught me that failure is a great thing, that the body is capable of improving and that our cells are constantly changing!  Her attention to details is impeccable and she’s full of knowledge!  

Dr. Pam Garcy
Licensed Psychologist and Certified Life Coach
Coach Bev

coach bev

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Coach Bev

“Deciding to train with Allison was a total game changer! With each session I have seen my body transform and strengthen. She has taught me to better trust my own capabilities and learn how to connect body and mind. Allison is skilled at recognizing my areas that are in need of improvement and finding ways to address them, that leave me feeling encouraged to keep pushing forward. It is a complete mind, body, and soul workout!”

Tracie Hunter
2019 Emmy Award Winner



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single session - $90

pre-paid session packages

10 sessions - $700

20 sessions - $1200

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards
Sessions include - Independent 15-minute warm-up at the top of the hour, followed by 45 minutes of training. We also recommend that you allow time for another independent cool down period of at least 10 minutes after we train.

All credit card transactions will be charged an additional $15 to cover the cost of doing business. Checks and cash are not subject to this fee.



Strength + Cardio

This training program provides you with a guided personal journey to better health on your own schedule. Our method builds confidence and improves posture, bringing balance to your body while realigning you to avoid injury. This affordable program offers you unlimited access. 

The Strength + Cardio Program can easily be modified, catering to all levels. Work at your own pace to balance and advance your strength & cardio in one program with this 3-4 day / week commitment.



  • Resistance Bands - Medium 
  • Yoga Mat
  • Free Weights- 3- 25 pounds
  • Good Walking / Running Shoes

Strength + Cardio

8 week online program


Step by Step guide to strength plus cardio

Easy to Follow Video Instruction and Demonstration

You Will Recruit Stability & Mobility

Address Weaknesses & Imbalances

Improves Muscular Endurance

Build Confidence & Balance

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The being balanced method



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