Your being balanced strength plus cardio 8 week training program


The Being Balanced Method is all about bringing equal balance back to your body. When you train one side of your body at a time, you will start to notice your body's imbalances. When you notice a weaker side during any of these exercises, do 5-10 extra repetitions on the weak side. This will train your body back into balance, correcting your posture, and limiting risk of injury during exercise.


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Call/Text Coach Bev or Coach Al with any questions you come across during training.


The Strength + Cardio Content Library will guide you through all of the Being Balanced Movements. Proper form is key, doing these exercises the right way delivers the maximum results!

Content Library

program goals

  • 3 -5 Days/Week
  • Moderate to Advance
  • Recruit Stability & Mobility
  • Balance Muscular Strength
  • Improve Muscular Endurance
  • Enhance Posture & Joint Alignment
  • Address Muscle Weaknesses & Imbalances 
  • Build Core Function
  • Increase Cardiovascular Health
  • Train Using Interval / SuperSets
  • Learn Compound Movements
  • Minimize Pain / Injury


  • Resistance Bands - Medium
  • Yoga Mat
  • Free Weights 3 - 25 pounds
  • Good Walking/ Running Shoes
  • Positive Mindset