Chapter 1 - Before Your Start Training

Before getting started, you need to acquire the right equipment and conduct a self-evaluation so you know what you need to focus on. These steps are critical to your success.

Getting Started

Before you start training:

●   Equipment
●   Being Balanced Self Evaluation Assessment Checklist
●   Warm up and Cool down



There are endless shoe options. Choose the correct fit before fashion. Finding a shoe that fits your foot and functions with your stride is much more important than selecting your favorite color to match your other apparel. Local running specialty stores can evaluate your gait and recommend shoes that will properly support your feet. Try on a variety of different shoes to compare how they feel. They’ll encourage you to walk and run in the store to ensure the shoe feels comfortable. If it doesn’t feel right in the store, keep trying until you find one that does.

Exercise Resistance Bands

Elastic resistance bands are an ideal tool for a variety of resistance training exercises and range from very light to very heavy resistance. The harder you pull, the more resistance you’ll feel. They are affordable, lightweight and easy to take with you when you travel. I love what Tom Brady says in his book The TB12 Method. “The best tool to use to increase vitality,” Tom Brady says in his book The TB12 Method, “is resistance bands. "Most are surprised to find that resistance bands work their bodies functionally better than weights do in terms of elasticity,  resistance, versatility and efficiency.  Bands also allow for a bigger more fluid range of motion and build strength and power without overloading the muscle or creating excess inflammation … Bands can also mirror your body‘s normal everyday movement. They help build strength and power while keeping your muscles longer, and making them less dense, than they would be if you used heavy weights. Bands can also help limit inflammation and overload. They condition you aerobically while complementing your pliability ... They create a balanced approached to staying healthy over a long period of time.”

Cable-Column Machines

With a pulley system, available at many gyms, provide equal resistance as you push and pull, to and from your body. The variations are endless, but these systems are not portable. A list of recommended products and places to purchase these products is also available on our website:

Being Balanced Self-Evaluation

“When I had my evaluation with Coach Bev, I really didn’t understand just how much difference it would make in my posture and confidence level.”  
 —-Janet Snyder

Self-Assessment Checklist

Before you begin your Being Balanced training, you need to complete your own self-assessment.

Download the Self-Assessment checklist here, or utilize the online form here.

Warm up/Cool down

Preparing your body to work out and making sure to cool down after a workout are critical to avoiding injury. The Being Balanced Method contains both as a part of every exercise prescription. The purpose of warming up is to slowly bring your core temperature up, to tell your brain you’re getting ready to exercise and to activate your muscles and joints. Cooling down after a strenuous training effort to bring your core temperature back down. This gives yourmuscles a chance to relax, helps minimize soreness and speeds recovery.