Coach Bev Sigler


Areas of expertise

Functional Strength Training

Corrective Exercise & Fascial Release


Gait Training (walk/run alignment)

Breathwork & Mindfulness


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

BioMechanics Method
Corrective Exercise Specialist

A lifetime of being active through sports (basketball, track & field, volleyball, soccer, softball), lifting weights, practicing yoga, cycling, swimming, hiking, and skiing

Hi, I’m Al! My momma is THE Coach Bev Sigler, founder of Being Balance Method. Being raised by Coach Bev ensured an upbringing full of movement, the moment I could stand on two feet I was running all over the place. I dove head first into any sport I could sign up for. Bev has always emphasized the importance of recovery and tried to keep me from overtraining. The rebel in me did not listen, I wanted to be an ELITE athlete so in my head there was no time for rest. My childhood consisted of full days of running from one sports practice to another, weekends full of tournaments, and basically beating myself up to be the best athlete I could be.

This lead to many overuse injuries, mental and physical overloads of stress, and eventually I was completely burnt out. I was spent, over it. I wanted nothing to do with something I was so passionate about.

I spent the first few years of my adult life resenting movement, but I finally  decided to give fitness another shot. This time was different. I wasn’t seeking competition or comparing myself to anyone else. All I wanted was to feel comfortable in my own skin. My mind and body were lacking a strong connection causing quite a few imbalances that altered the mechanics of my body. My body was lacking functional flow. I never really put thought into movement, I just moved. I had created habits that left me with clicky joints, poor posture, and lack of mobility.

Luckily my mom, Coach Bev, had just finished writing the beginning of the Being Balanced Method. There I was, searching for relief with a human encyclopedia of exercise science at my fingertips.

Now i’m soaking up all my resources and I hope to pour them all back out to anyone who needs them. My new passion is to guide anyone who wants it into a life free of pain. Being Balanced isn’t just a workout program, it’s a way of life, a handbook for healing, and the road to recovery!

Coach Bev Sigler